about twenty and 3

Twenty and 3 is a one-stop creative shop. Each brand suite, photo and printed piece is thoughtfully conceptualized and designed by an expert team in Atlanta. Born in 2005, Twenty and 3 draws inspiration from minimalism and the practice of color theory, translating these ideas into engaging and profitable brands. Twenty and 3 marries simplicity with innovation and integrity to create designs that tell better stories with fewer words.

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RJ Harrington
PArtner and lead creative

Born in Atlanta, RJ Harrington is inspired by contemporary design and striking colors from around the world. Behind Twenty and 3 for twelve years, RJ has become an inspirational entrepreneur, partner and mentor to many creative businesses. RJ graduated in 2005 with a Master's in Communication Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her artistry combines attention to detail, the practice of color theory and symbolic design elements. As RJ continues to expand Twenty and 3 to entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide, she shares her love for 'personal branding' with both large and small audiences. Brand Talks cover first impressions, color theory, and how to magnify your strengths. RJ is available for world-wide travel.

RJ@twentyand3.com  /  888.281.1231, Ext. 700


Jermaine Johns
PArtner and account director

From Starkville, Mississippi  Jermaine 

J.Johns@twentyand3.com  /  888.281.1231, Ext. 701