Complete Customization & Launch

Complete Customization & Launch


Without this add-on our templates require a little DIY after we complete your expert install, including adding in your own photos, text, and populating your Instagram feed.

However, with this add-on we will complete the entire customization process for you and launch your site! There will be no videos to watch, Photoshop files to edit, etc. Yes, you get even more of your precious time back.

After purchasing this add-on, you will place all photos and copy/Word files in a Dropbox folder, and share it with us via email. But don’t worry, we will walk you through the entire process. Easy remember?

A complete install includes the following:

  • Logo installation

  • Photo installation

  • Copy is inserted

  • Customization of all graphic elements in the original template

  • Instagram feed connection

  • Newsletter block is customized and connected

  • Domain transfer and launch!

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